When you’re living with your significant other, adding them to your auto insurance policy can be tempting. After all, they’re driving your car and sharing the costs of maintenance and repairs. However, if you get married or break up, it’ll be easier for one person to handle switching policies than two. 

But before making this decision, you should know that more than cohabitation is needed to make a partner eligible for coverage on another person’s policy. Moreover, adding someone else can have unintended consequences if things go differently than planned.

Should I Add My Girlfriend Or Boyfriend To My Car Insurance?

Typically, it’s permitted to add your significant other to your auto insurance policy if they live with you, you share vehicles, have separate cars, and you want to share a policy. 

Another option is to add their name to your policy as a covered driver. If you and your significant other prefer to maintain separate policies but drive each other’s cars, name each other as listed drivers on the policy. Some insurance companies may mandate adding your significant other if they drive your car regularly.

However, if your significant other has a sordid driving history, adding them to your policy could increase your rates. Then, exclude them as a covered driver. Be sure to verify with your insurance company or state laws to find out if it’s allowed. Unfortunately, they won’t be covered if they drive your vehicle, and you’ll be liable for any damages they cause.

How Do I Add A Significant Other To My Auto Policy?

Adding a significant other to your auto insurance policy is easy. But first, call the insurer and tell them that you want to add them to your policy.

The company will likely require proof of the relationship, such as shared finances or joint bank accounts. You can make this change during renewal or even after you or your partner make claims if they have been added already.

Who Requires Adding My Significant Other To My Policy?

Most car insurance companies ask you to list any licensed drivers living in your household with access to a vehicle. For example, let’s say your girlfriend or boyfriend lives with you, and they drive your car daily to work. Since they’re driving your vehicle more often, your insurance company may require you to add them to your policy as a driver.

How Do I Change My Policy If We Get Married Or Break Up?

If you get married, your significant other can stay on the policy, and most insurers require it. 

However, suppose you break up and no longer live together or drive each other’s cars. In that case, you need to get your own policy as soon as possible, so you’re not uninsured.

Final Thoughts

In some cases, adding a significant other to your insurance policy is a personal decision, but in others, your insurer might require it. Winstead Insurance can help you add your significant other to your car insurance policy. We’ll ensure you have the coverage you need for the best possible rate.